Monday, October 3, 2011

Pine Cone Frames

"Gone was the old-fashioned combination bookcase and secretary that Mrs. Baker used to say belonged to her great grandfather; and all the musty old books that gloomed forth behind the grimy glass doors.  Even the two faded photographs of deceased parents framed in gilded pine cones were gone.  They used to swing on red worsted cords and when the wind blew in at the front window it would waft them around till they made a scratchy sound on the old ugly red wall paper that was faded to a dull magenta in spots.  They were all gone and the rooms were dusty and empty."

~ Partners by Grace Livingston Hill


  1. Ditto! I found her through Anna at Pleasantview Schoolhouse's little blog Neat & Dainty as a Flower and have been hooked ever since.