Saturday, October 29, 2011

How Do You Mend...?

I just finished watching Beyond Borders, which means any trace of mascara is gone from my eyelashes.  My heart is bare and I'm wondering.  How do you mend a world that is unravelling at the seams.  There is prayer and there is action...and there is also conviction.

I wish they hadn't Hollywooded the film with a love story.  There would have been enough love without it.

"He was my first save, 10 years old. So thin he could barely stand. But he still found the strength the bury the rest of his family. We have no idea what courage is... He used to write me little notes. He helped me in the clinic. He was good. He was sweet, he was good. He wanted to be like me, I liked that. I mean, it was silly and childish, but it made me feel good about myself. So I took him with me to London, you know, my talisman, my courageous Africa... - pauses - How could I be so bloody stupid? How could I be so totally selfish? The point is... he was my friend. He had a name. So now I HAVE to remember him. If everybody I lose has a name..."

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