Monday, October 3, 2011


"She came back with her coffee pot, bread, butter, some cereal, a tin box of crackers, half a dozen oranges, and a little bottle of milk.  She felt that she would rather get her own breakfasts than to be always going out for them."

~ Partners by Grace Livingston Hill

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm cutting out Starbucks save for the weekends with my husband.  I love saying "my husband." :)  And really, while I Starbucks, I love saving money even more than that if you can believe it.


  1. I'm a Dunkin' fan as they are about $1 cheaper. I get a medium pumpkin iced coffee with cream for $2.17. A grande pumpkin spiced iced coffee with cream is over $3!

    Saying husband is a wonderful feeling!

  2. Can you believe we don't have Dunkin' Donuts here???