Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hammering the Point Home

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When trying to hammer a point home, I do not always hit the nail on the head, so the hold my nail (concept) has on an audience, is fragile and bent.

How does one speak with clarity and conviction, exactitude and enthusiasm?

By understanding your group of listeners and speaking to them specifically.

I feel I have less and less time to understand my aquaintances and co-workers. I am purposed with the "how" after I've wrangled the "why", and wrestled the "who."

For all my verbosity, I lack effective communication skills. A trip to the library is a must. After all, you can learn anything from a book, right?


  1. A most surprising conclusion, really, when I think you're one of the most gifted and effective communicators (if not THE most) I know.

  2. Well, it might have something to do with the sales guys at work. You know how their minds turn counter-clockwise and all that. Makes clockwise moving minds (like yours and mine) have to insert extra pins and springs to make it all chug along instead of come to a thudding halt.

    Go Japan!!!

    xoxo C

  3. Just letting you know, I did the "Happy 101 Award" post! Thanks again! :-)