Sunday, May 23, 2010

Building Details

Building Details
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We have friends coming to stay with us later this week and as I look around the spare bedroom & bathroom, there are squillions of things I notice that need attention. Forget about the fact that I couldn't be satisfied with the space even if I spent a fortune on decorations & details & guestly conveniences...I just want them to feel comfortable, but I don't know what would make them feel comfortable because:
1. I fail to understand men.
2. I have never met said guest man's girlfriend.

Do they need chintzy pillows? Can I get Number's Man to take his beer signs off the walls? Why did I ever let him put those up in the first place? He doesn't even drink Coors?

I'm tempted to buy a family of mirrors and hang them up over the beer signs. I'm tempted to buy a new area rug, but what's the point since we're really just talking about a room that's primarily used for an other words, I wish we had a bonafide guest room to welcome our friends. And because we don't, I'll probably end up overwhelming them with morning muffins, coffee, chips & dips of every variety, a schmorgasboard of bath and body products and ambient music.

Lord help us all.

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