Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Truths

So, I've decided that Tuesdays will be a day for truth-telling on my blog; a day for revealing the lesser known, and sometimes embarassing facts about me.  The reason for this new tradition is simple: I love learning odd and obscure things about people I know (in real life or virtually).  It just helps paint a better picture of a person and oftentimes quakes and shakes the image of them I had in my mind.

For my first TRUTH, my first big, reveal, I will share this stunning, chic, and completely over-the-top picture of Audrey Hepburn from Charade with you and say only this:

In high school I tried to model many an outfit after this daringly stylish woman, including the one here.  I even found a faux-fur pullover like this one with a wide mock-turtleneck and some silk shantung capris.  Mind you I wore this around 16 years of age in sunny southern California and probably looked utterly ridiculous.  I felt like a million bucks, I'm sure.

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