Thursday, September 23, 2010

Families Framed

Family in town.  Family in tow.  Family in to...uploaded moments.

We used to plan these facimiles with care; each one an undertaking of patience for posterity.

Today, dozens of discarded copies mysteriously find themselves swept into a graphic of a trash bin.  Others, filed away and saved in tiny, shiny plugs - mysterious and miraculous, they conceal our histories.

Every moment caught right by light becomes three seconds in an electrified frame.  A switch fades it all to black, a button threatens eradication...plagues which live among us lie silent as a cloud that blots out the sun.  So, I vow to print and file and carefully catalog with names and dates in a loving hand.  Script, not font shall tell my tale, for eager genes of hearts and minds, replicated, sowed, and grown down the line.

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