Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Just a few conversational quotes from my favorite television show of all time...Gilmore Girls, because...I get nostalgic every now and again.


Rory: A cool B&B?
Lorelai: Yes.
Rory: That's like saying an understated Nicholas Cage movie.
Rory: Did you talk to your parents yet?
Lorelai: No.
Rory: Have you *tried* talking to your parents yet?
Lorelai: No.
Rory: That's my little Kofi Annan!

Emily: I'm sorry. You were on the phone?
Richard: Long distance.
Lorelai: God? 
Richard: London.
Lorelai: God lives in London?
Richard: My mother lives in London.
Lorelai: Your mother is God?
Richard: Lorelai.
Lorelai: So, God *is* a woman.
Richard: Lorelai.
Lorelai: *And* a relative. That's so cool. I'm gonna totally ask for favors.
Richard: Make her stop.
Rory: Oh, that I could.

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  1. That and The Andy Griffith Show are my fave's.