Friday, July 9, 2010

All Blissed Out

I discovered a new taste sensation at the natural food store I go to...and it has lit my taste buds up like the fourth of July!!! Yup. It's that awesome.  I love all things coconut so imagine my delight when I found ice cream made from coconut milk instead of cows milk (or rice milk for that matter...blech!) and best of all the tub I picked out is full of pineapple and just a smidgen of rum so it's like having a rich, frozen, won't get you buzzed but still tastes delicious, PINA COLADA!  *dances*   

Sigh...that was a virtual dance...I sprained my right knee yesterday so I'm afraid dancing is not on the agenda.  But if I were going to dance, I'd be practicing my routine for National Dance Day.  You got that right...a reason to shake what God gave ya is coming up on July 31st.  I can't wait!!!

In this spirit of the coming *cough* Holiday *cough*, watch this stupendular number from So You Think You Can's moving and deliciousness captured in under two minutes.   

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