Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Thanks so much to If I Can't Wear Heels I Don't Want to Go for tagging me with the Happy 101 award!  Her blog is super adorable and she has a wonderful sense of style, check it out! :)

Ten Things that Make Me Happy

1. Bible Time
Spending time in the Word always sets my heart at rest and calms my feverish mind.  I treasure God's wisdom and his will for my life, and I hope that some day I can feel worthy of his love.

2.  Sharing a Good Meal with my Man
Numbers Man and I both love good food and prolific conversation, so sharing those experiences simultaneously and in union is just about as good as it gets for me.  Looking accross the table and seeing him animated and ethusiastic is such a treat...and it makes me want to jump over to his side of the booth and cuddle up like we just started dating.

3. My Darling Dog
The silliest, goofiest, happiest, craziest little dude ever.  I love his furry antics and his willful spirit...people often refer to dogs as "companion animals" because of course they are.  Well, I am forever referring to Goose as my companion very directly.  Such as, "Come here my little companion.  Such a good little companion you are."  Cheesy, I know.

4. Sunshine on a Cool Day
I've never really cared for a hot, summer day, but I love the sparkle and freshness that sunshine brings.  Going for a walk in the sunlight on a cool, crisp day refreshes my, that's too scrubs and polishes my outlook.  There's just no way I can be in a foul mood in the sun.
5. A New, Old Book
There's nothing like a new tome to add to the shelves, especially when it's older than me, marked by hungry, page-turning fingers of previous readers and smells of dusty, linen binding.
6. Perfume
I shudder to think of how much money I would waste on perfume if my budget were less limited.  It transports me to another place, another feeling, elevates my situation and calms my fretful self.  Favorite brands (in order of preference): Hermes (hands down favorite perfumer), Chanel, Fresh, Lilly Pulitzer, Jo Malone, Annick Goutal, Acqua di Parma, Creed, Miller Harris, Juicy Couture, Guerlain, Carthusia, Dyptique...
7. Squishy Socks
I love cashmere, angora, and other beautifully squishy, delicious socks.  Plain and simple.
8. Simple and Effective Footwear
Some examples: Converse, Havianas, French Sole.  I often go in for my flamboyant heels so we'll leave that off the list or...make it #9. *grin*
9. Flirty Heels
Peep-toe pumps, satin bows, patent leather sling backs, lace trimmings, feathers on the back...really as far as heels are concerned...anything goes in my book.
10. Soup
Really, I could eat a bowl of soup every day and never tire of it.  The possibilities are endless, but some of my favorites are: real consomme (particularly from Neiman Marcus), roasted red bell pepper soup with creme fraiche & chives (Wolfgang Puck's but sometimes I make my own), simple creamed pea soup (always homemade as I prefer my version with buttermilk), miso with left over veggies (so restorative), rustic cream of tomato with crusty bread blended in, lobster pernod chowder from Duke's (does that count as a soup?), carrot ginger...and so many more!
Well this was fun!  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.
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  1. Thanks for the sweet award! xoxo

  2. Thank you Caroline! That's so sweet of you! I'll do mine tomorrow.