Saturday, April 3, 2010

Faded Light, Good Morning

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The forecast called for rain, pouring rain and thunderstorms through into next week, but the ground is dry and the sky is a swirl of wispy grey clouds (telling nothing), so I took the dog for a good walk (sniffing lots of friends along the way...him, not me) and came home to make a hearty breakfast for myself. Numbers Man isn't much of a breakfast person in general. His stomach begins it's day around eleven o'clock. I'm the sort of person that feels pressed to wait 15 minutes after they rise before consuming something (anything, just feed my belly!).

So, I made a cup of coffee. God bless the inventor of the single cup Keurig...Number's Man is also not a coffee drinker and I can down a pot if it's there to stare me down wild west style. And I made a small bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar and lots of milk. And thirty minutes later I was hungry I thought about all the lovely things I could make and decided upon a dish that my mother calls "Eggs Goldenrod." Over the years I've tweaked it slightly, but here is the recipe I now "follow."

1. Boil up two eggies to your liking
2. When the eggs are *almost* done pop a slice of bread in the toaster and place about a tablespoon of butter in a soup or pasta bowl (I prefer to eat this dish in a shallow bowl instead of on a plate) and microwave it for 30 seconds or until melted.
3. Place the toast in the bowl and smear around in the butter.
4. Remove the eggs from the pot and rinse under cold water until you can handle them, peel off the shell and slice over the toast.
5. Make up a bechamel sauce (milk + butter + flour) in a saucepan. I add a pinch of turmeric for color and a bit of salt to taste.
6. Pour sauce over the egg/toast in your bowl and....


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  1. This is a great picture, it makes me think of warm summer evenings and outside those pretty dresses and bare feet! Also, "eggs goldenrod" looks like a good recipe.