Sunday, March 28, 2010

Raindrops on the "Sun"roof

"Welcome to Hawai'i, c'mon I'll show you the bar." -Pearl Harbor

Hawai'i this state is our spring has turned surly, murky, and wet when only just yesterday our skies beat bright white with the sun's obstinance. Today that same sun (at least I think it's the same sun), is putting up it's fists, fighting to punch little pockets of light into the thick bulk of cloud cover.

My fingers feel around for and my eyes discover:
*dreams and stories annexed by haze
*the solitude of smell, naturally an intimate sense
*verses of droplets against all things, windowpanes and petals

So, I gave myself a shocking pink pedicure. Schaipparelli is my muse and I, her rawk lobster.

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