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Okay, so I'm watching Oprah...and while for me her show is really hit or miss, I love allthe beauty, health, and nutrition episodes. Today she had Racquel Welch on and the talk ranged from the mundane (viewing yourself as more then an object...duh) to the "care & maintenance" that interests me quite a bit more. While I haven't even reached the big 3-0 yet, I'm very interested in healthy and graceful aging. Sometimes I just want to grab my mom and girlify her because I long to experience an older woman's beauty routine. For the record, my mom is not a haggard old lady by any stretch of the imagination, but she's not as obsessed with health and beauty as I am.

I try to keep everything that goes in and on my body as natural and chemical-free as possible with a few exceptions, so imagine my glee when I heard woman after woman on Oprah extolling the virtues of coconut oil. I'm a fat freak, an oil freak I guess you might say...I believe that our fear of oils is completely unjustified and we simply need to re-learn how to use oil. I wash my face with coconut oil 6 days a week (and use Purity by Philosophy one day a week), rub it all over my body once a day (as you would with lotion) and even add spoonfuls to my green smoothies. I love me some flax oil, olive oil (great for hair), and avocados...? I could sing praise of the avocado all my live long days.

This may sound insane to someone not familiar with the benefits of using oil to get clean, but I assure you it is no mumbo jumbo. See here:
My first foray into beauty oil was using Dr. Hauschka's "Normalizing Day Oil" in college which helped tame my problem that had been unresponsive to a host of luxury skin care lines:
La Mer, La Prairie, Bliss, Bobbie Brown, Kiehl's, Erno Lazslo, Chanel, Sisley...I could go on and on. After Dr. Hauschka's help, I read up on natural beauty and skincare, testing various products and methods along the way. As my preferences evolved, I found that all I really need are the following:
Coconut Oil (face, body, and smoothie)
Flax Oil (smoothie)
Jojoba Oil (face moisturizer)
Olive Oil (hair)

I'm not going to lie to you...because I'm a product junkie, these are not the ONLY things I use on my skin. I love a myriad of lotions and potions, however these oils are my staples and I choose to keep purchasing them over and over again without fail. There is literally only one other beauty product in my arsenal that I can say that about (Burt's Bees tinted lip balm) so I encourage you to start using oils for more than just cooking.  Wash in it a bit, rub it on your kisser, and think of all the nasty chemicals you're saving your body from trying to process.

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