Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Snow - oh how it blows...

Nope, that isn't snow piled up against the curb outside our house, it's some kind of cotton from the trees around our neighborhood. There are mounds of it dusting the ground and cottony poufs flying through the air, so much that you must be careful to keep your mouth closed when going for a walk or you'll eat the fluffy white seed clouds.

The culprit is this long collection of seed pods that hung from trees just a week ago. They've "blossomed" into a furry mass and as they blow in the breeze, are ripped from their home in the branches to scatter and fall all over the earth.

The collections of cottony seeds are very easy to pick up...and so soft!


  1. They're flammable too; I know of people how set their back yards of fire by carelessly putting out a cigarette.

  2. I just posted about this on my photography blog!! I even called it the same thing that you did, "Summer snow." That's really funny! I didn't even know you did it. Great minds think alike I suppose. :P

  3. Freaky! I'll be watching out for neighbors smoking. Fires are not friendly...

  4. but it could be very useful if you need to start a fire or if you want to use allergies as an excuse to stay home from work.