Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You are Four Months Old

My dearest girl,

You are now four months old, with eyes that shine, sparkle, and dart about; gleaning from, and gleaming for, all that is new and thrilling.

GUSTO! You have it in spades! Dad and Mama have to trick you into sleeping because all you want to do is play and explore. You are only calm in the face of chaos and crowds.

You greet each morning with dimpled smiles and giggles, shrieks of delight, and bounding happiness. As your energy wanes and you fight sleep, your patience, likewise wanes.

You love people and don't mind being passed around from strange face to strange face. After all, newness is always exciting for you, isn't it? Many people have commented that you are going to be a party girl. I like to think instead, that you will excel at fellowship and reaching out to lift people up.

All these hopes at only four months old!

*Rolling over back to front
*Sitting up with the help of an adult finger
*Laughing at Mama when she gets hurt (she thinks my loud exclamation if pain is amusing)
*Babble talking to mirrors and TV shows as well as yourself
*Testing putting weight on your legs when someone holds you up by your arms

~Favorite Playtime Activities~
*Airplane (on mama's shins...aka ab exercises for mom)
*Tummy time in front of a mirror
*Dancing with mama
*Playing with a soft, crinkly square with tags.
*Playing with hanging toys on a play mat
*Being held upside down

I love you my baby girl! You have brought so much joy to your mama and dad's lives and we can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!