Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Time, No Post

From looking at the lack of posts on this blog, it would seem I've been busy lately, but really I haven't been that busy at all.  My inclination to hop online and blog, however, has waned considerably.  Without psychoanalyzing myself I'd venture to say that it is in some small way linked to a conscious behavioral shift within me.  Which is to say, I have been, with fair consistency, a person with a nature and knack for planning and very little follow-through.  Not so, recently though.  My body is actually cashing the checks my mind writes, these days.  The dreaming and scheming is in motion from dawn 'til dusk and I haven't stopped to question the why of it all, only to embrace the gift of determination that only He could give me.  *points up heavenward* 

There is only this, putting one foot in front of the other and soldiering on.  While wearing pink, of course.


  1. There you are! i figured you were wedding planning. I understand what you mean about planning and little follow through. Glad you're okay! When is the nuptials anyway?

  2. You and your darn pink... XD

    Wish me luck in Arizona!