Monday, May 30, 2011

A Small Thanks

I thank Thee for the temporal blessings of this world—
the refreshing air, 
the light of the sun, 

the food that renews strength, 
the raiment that clothes, 
the dwelling that shelters, 
the sleep that gives rest, 

the starry canopy of night, 
the summer breeze, 
the flowers' sweetness, 
the music of flowing streams, 
the happy endearments of family, kindred, friends. 

Suffer me not to be insensible to these daily mercies. 

~From The Valley of Vision - Evening Praise

Sunday, May 29, 2011

From Tree and Hill

The wind flapped loose, the wind was still,
Shaken out dead from tree and hill:
I had walked on at the wind's will, -
I sat now, for the wind was still.

Between my knees my forehead was, -
My lips, drawn in, said not Alas!
My hair was over in the grass,
My naked ears heard the day pass.

My eyes, wide open, had the run
Of some ten weeds to fix upon;
Among those few, out of the sun,
The woodspurge flowered, three cups in one.

From perfect grief there need not be
Wisdom or even memory:
One thing then learnt remains to me, -
The woodspurge has a cup of three.

~ The Woodspurge by Dante Gabriel Rosetti

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Simple Womans Day Book

Outside my window . . .

The rain has stopped and the cloud cover is only patchy, grass is sparkling in the setting sun.

I am thinking . . .

About being more dilligent about using coupons to save us money.

I am thankful . . .

That God has really and truly changed my heart and directed it toward Him, particularly in the last 6 years of my life.  I got a glimpse today of the life I used to live and am so thankful He is mighty to save and that he chose to save me!

I am learning . . .

That I am so richly blessed, instead of thinking about the things I could buy, think about what I can give and how I can be a better steward of what God has given me.

From the kitchen . . .

Oh heck, it was a busy and stressful day at work dogs.  Haha.

I am wearing . . .

Charcoal grey Aerie lounge pats, Light grey Hanes long sleeved thermal, big squishy brown socks, and my beautiful engagement ring.

I am creating . . .

A new reading list.  The Iliad, the Odyssey, Heroditus and some classical commentary.

I am going . . .

To wake up thirty minutes earlier tomorrow morning so I can prepare some things in the kitchen so dinner will be ready without much work on my part tomorrow evening.

I am reading . . .

The Bible.  And will start The Iliad probably tomorrow-ish. :)

I am hoping . . .

That I can find time tomorrow to swing by the dry cleaners.  Ack!

I am hearing . . .

Ryan Seacrest.  Yes, I am watching American Idol.  Don't laugh.

Around the house . . .

Darling Dog is spinning in circles trying to find that perfect sleeping spot.  Silly little guy.

One of my favorite things . . .

Filling up a notebook with morning devotionals.  It means I've got my priorites straight.  I always do something corny like give the notebook a smooch before I place it on a bookshelf when I'm done with it.

I am realizing . . .

That I really don't like the electric guitar unless it is disguised with heavy instrumentation of other kinds.

I am noticing that . . .

My fervor for dusting the furniture has waned.  It's usually my favorite house cleaning activity.

I am wondering . . .

If my mom will be able to handle grocery shopping with me...when they move here in one week! :)

Pondering these words . . .

"If a soul has any beauty, it is because Christ has endowed that soul, with His own, for in ourselves we are deformed and defiled!  There is no beauty in any of us but what our Lord has worked in us."
~Charles Spurgeon

A few plans for the week . . .

Grocery Shopping, thorough cleaning of the floors, laundry, reading, and visiting with family.

Here is a picture thought that I am sharing:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Time, No Post

From looking at the lack of posts on this blog, it would seem I've been busy lately, but really I haven't been that busy at all.  My inclination to hop online and blog, however, has waned considerably.  Without psychoanalyzing myself I'd venture to say that it is in some small way linked to a conscious behavioral shift within me.  Which is to say, I have been, with fair consistency, a person with a nature and knack for planning and very little follow-through.  Not so, recently though.  My body is actually cashing the checks my mind writes, these days.  The dreaming and scheming is in motion from dawn 'til dusk and I haven't stopped to question the why of it all, only to embrace the gift of determination that only He could give me.  *points up heavenward* 

There is only this, putting one foot in front of the other and soldiering on.  While wearing pink, of course.