Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... A constant, heavy drizzle is making murky puddles on the ground.

I am thinking... About ways I can improve my professional communications when I am low on time and high on projects.

I am thankful... For God's grace! It is prideful to worry and carry our cares instead of casting our cares on The Lord and that is SO freeing!!!

In the kitchen... Veggie Soup with Rice and mashed Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar.

I am wearing... Grey Gilly Hicks 3/4 length sleeve henley and dark rinse Kut from the Kloth jeans.

I am creating... Trash. Seriously folks, that's about it. Between mothering a 3.5 month old and working from home with said 3.5 month old, my creative output is next to nill.

I am going... to the mailbox. Testify!

I am wondering... If God will make me more effective, more loving, and more...warm. I feel like I'm not as expressing of my love and appreciation of folks as I could be. Lots of prayers in that area.

I am reading... A Love that Multiplies. And James.

I am hoping... For so many things! Big things!

I am learning... What it means to live beyond worry. I never worried about "big" things like accidents and calamities, but I worried about making people happy, making everyone content. That's not my job and quite frankly it's too big a job for anyone, but God. I can do my best, with His help, and live lovingly, with patience and kindness.

Around the house... Clean the main bathroom sink and mirror. Big time!

I am pondering... Why baby fat is so cute and adult fat is not. Bogus! Oh, and the Papacy.

A favorite quote for today... "Rednecked Minotaur"? - Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty)

One of my favorite things... Nordstrom's Honey Almond Latte. Scrumptious!

A few plans: Respond to all emails. Make Baby Girl a song. Cuddle Goose. Hug Numbers Man.

Photo of my day:


  1. What a sweet picture. I didn't know you were working from home. Big undertaking! Good luck!

  2. Yes indeed! I will just say that it does not make for many good hair days. ;)

    We're both getting into our groove though, slowly, but surely.


  3. I showed Simon this photo of baby and he said "Does baby have owie?" I told him, "No, that's a dimple in her elbow."

  4. Haha...she has a lot of those little tubby dimples. :). I bet Simon did when he was a wee one too!