Friday, March 15, 2013

Fabulous Friday Finds

Parenting: This wonderful list of ideas for better parenting: 50 Parenting Ideas You Won't Regret
Dressing: I just love this top - and it's such a deal!
Eating: Even Numbers Man would enjoy this meal.
Loving: Just We -  Read it Here.
Reading: This is powerful stuff on the cheap ($2 download). God desires for us to use The Word in every aspect of our lives; there is great power in His Word.
Homemaking: I must admit, I've been hand washing our dishes for the past few years and it is something I took a strange sense of pride in. Wellll, as a new mon, it turns out I have more pressing, nay BETTER ways to use that time so I decided to give our neglected dish washer (the electronic contraption, not yours truly) an overhaul  I highly recommend it even though Numbers Man complained about the vinegar smell for a couple hours afterwards.
Inspiring: Sometimes it is easier to see God's handiwork up close. the oft' maligned carnation gets downright gorgeous.


  1. This is neat! It's kind of like Simple Woman's Daybook.

  2. Except it formatted TERRIBLY! I'll do better next time, I promise. ;)