Sunday, January 13, 2013

Of Peas and Peace

I'm genuinely contented and happy to be a mom. I enjoy my soft and squishy little blessing even when she's crying, which is a lot, because quite frankly she's been dealt a challenging hand so far. With skin irritations, potential allergies, and Hip Dysplasia, she is learning a lot about life here on earth with its hurdles to overcome. I know she can't make heads or tails of why she must be forced to be slathered in ointment and wear a restrictive contraption, so I hope she can feel my love for her with every kiss, cuddle, song, feeding, Eskimo kiss, back rub, and even our naps together. I pray she knows I am always here for her and never worries that I might leave her (however instinctual that fear is).

These past 7 weeks have been a learning experience/marathon for me as well. I am restricting my diet, something that is much more challenging for me than a sleepless night, and eating only the basics until we determine what was causing the extreme rash she had a few weeks back. My snacking sources are scarce and mostly consist of vegan, gluten-free bread with something on it (bananas, avocado, vegan buttery spread, honey...). One of my favorite snacks, though a little pricey, are freeze dried fruits and veggies. I can go through a bag in one sitting. Yum, yum delish!


  1. Aww, I hope your little baby girl feels better. Many blessings!

  2. I pray she the Lord heals her from all her discomforts. How sweet. Have a blessed week! :)

  3. You and your precious baby are in my prayers! I'm just catching up on your posts. Sorry for my semi-obnoxious sounding comment the other week, the one where I sounded like I think I'm an expert or something. Clearly, I'm not! But I tend to get wordy late at night. Then later I read my comments and wonder what I was thinking. :/

    I hope you and baby have a wonderful week!