Friday, January 4, 2013

Love and Demand

"Demand nursing, as I saw it, was no different from caring for a family member who has been rendered powerless. Would we refuse an incapacitated father a meal because it was "not time"? Or leave a paralyzed spouse alone in a room to "cry it out"--checking in every 10 minutes to say, "It's Ok"--without trying to find out what is wrong and doing something about it? If he or she only wanted to be held, would we refuse, for fear of spoiling someone we love?"

So I Nursed Him Every 45 Minutes
By Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq.


  1. Wow, Caroline. A loving mother! God bless.

  2. Love that picture! I read several books and went with my version of the "babywise" method. It just worked best for me having twins. It taught me how to feed my babies completely so they could get the good filling milk that comes after the first ten min. or so of nursing, so I wouldn't have to feed as often. This method also helped me get them full so they could sleep longer at night. My mom did the la leche league method, but I couldn't do that and retain any sanity. I have a hard time believing that a mother would actually let her child go hungry simply because they had to feed on a "schedule" though! Every mother should just do what works best for them and their baby. Looks like you are a wonderful mama. Blessings!