Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Simple Womans Daybook

Outside my window: A dreary fall sky with a faintly setting sun.
I am thinking: About needing to detox (safely) from all the sugary Halloween chocolates I've been eating.  I have gone a bit overboard the last two days.  Eep!
I am thankful: For a helpful hubby and a log a'blaze in the fireplace.
In the kitchen:  There's an aweful lot of calories and energy running through my body right now so likely just a bowl of soup for dinner (probably just pea soup, my fave).  For Numbers Man, fried rice with orange chicken.
I am wearing: Black maternity leggings and pink, long sleeved sweater henley.
I am creating: The last minute to-do list before baby girl arrives.  And let's not hide our short-comings and vices...a post-pregnancy wardrobe (because a girl always likes to look purdy).
I am going: For walks around the neighborhood, taking in the colors of fall.
I am wondering: How much sugar a 38 week old fetus can take without going into distress.
I am reading:  Re-reading Emma.
I am hoping: Baby Girl waits until after the Halloween meeting/party at work before she decides to arrive.
I am looking forward to: Labor.  Seriously... 
I am pondering: How much pain brings clarity and how much, distress.
A favorite quote for the day: "She would keep the peace if possible; and there was something honourable and valuable in the strong domestic habits, the all-sufficiency of home to himself, whence resulted her brother's disposition to look down on the common rate of social intercourse, and those to whom it was important.--It had a high claim to forebearance."
A few plans for the rest of the week: Food plans: roasted chicken & root vegetables.  And buy some good cheese to keep on hand for when the snacking monster strikes.  And watch some natural birth videos.  And drink plenty of red raspberry leaf tea.
A peek into my day:

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  1. I made fried rice and orange chicken for dinner tonight from Trader Joes.