Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Last Hurrah (Girly Style)

Today marked the last day of me charging around in the car by myself until after the baby is born.  For the remainder of the pregnancy I will be working from home and only going out with another person (read husband or parents) in tow...or rather towing me! :)
So I drove down south to visit with my parents and go out to tea with my mom at a beautiful tea house.  The tea house is located in a historic home, built in 1890, full of period details.  I really meant to take so many more photos of those very details, but it was raining and I have full-blown pregnancy brain so I missed my opportunity.  Luckily, we will be going back later this month for a mini family reunion (provided I don't go into early labor), so I will bring my camera again at that time.  The handle on the front door was stunning.

The front garden is ruled over by an enormous Chestnut tree that was dropping chestnuts all over the ground.  I was tempted to scoop some up for roasting at home, but thought that might look awkard (picture an eight months pregnant woman in a dress crouching around in the rain picking over the ground).  If the weather had permitted, we would have loved to sit on one of the benches to enjoy the scenery.  There were even still some roses in bloom!

We ordered the Larkspur Luncheon Tea which consisted of:
Pot of Tea
Scones with Devonshire Cream,
Jam & Lemon Curd
Tiered rack with Tea Sandwiches,
Savories, Fresh Fruit
Seasonal Tea Pastries & Sweets
Hot Towel Service 
It was all very tasty, and I was especially fond of this little crostini with bacon and quince jelly...words cannot describe!  A close second was the pear and gorgonzola tartine.
The tea blend I chose was: Afternoon Garden Party, a traditional black tea with hints of floral notes.


I wish I had the luxury of experiencing tea with friends and family each and every day; the ritual of afternoon just makes conversation feel *that* much more special and helps one to relax.
I hope you are all having a wonderful fall so far!


  1. C,
    Your Mom looks so nice! Tea houses are such a treat. Why aren't you driving anymore? Can't fit behind the wheel? Tweet me!

  2. Oh, that looks divinely appealing! And "Old Country Roses" china! I have one or two pieces of that. What is nicer than a tea?

  3. My mom is a very nice old lady. She's an old lady now because she has been placing her glasses at the end of her nose. Love it! ;) I've decided not to embark on long journeys in the car since I am now considered "full term". I would just rather not go into labor by myself in a car on a being my first pregnancy and all that. I am such a ding dong I would probably drive off the side of the road.

    There is not much nicer than tea. :)