Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Questionnaire!

Farrah's questionnaire just seemed like too much fun to pass up!

TEA OR COFFEE? Mostly tea, but espresso drinks about 3 times a week.

I COLLECT? Vintage books, perfume, fundies (fun undies), tea, stationery...

FAVORITE CITY? I'm convinced it would be Casablanca, though I've never been. City I've actually been to: Charleston, SC.

SPRING OR FALL? Fall...hands down.

BLOOM OF CHOICE? Gardenias and Peonies.

STYLE ICON? I try not to have one because I tend to over shop/spend. But....really...Olivia Palermo. ;)

LINENS? If only I could afford real linens. Frette! But...really...Charter Club from Macy's. ;)

CHINA PATTERN? Mikasa - Platinum

I'M LUSTING AFTER... Having a stable-full of horses.

MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? My Ralphie and my wedding ring. A tie!

GIRL CRUSH? Michelle Duggar and Elizabeth George. Another tie!

BOY CRUSH? Alistair Begg. I could listen to him preach and intermittently sing Beatles songs all day long.

ON WEEKENDS... Starbucks runs with Numbers Man an Ralphie. Early dinners out. If only we were over 65 and could get the senior specials!

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  1. I'm glad to see your answers! Michelle is a girl crush of mine too!