Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...A semi-sunny, semi-overcast day.  Cool breeze blowing and the leaves are starting to turn.  There are still some boaters left on the lake.
I am thinking... About a coconut bread pudding I saw on the Cooking Channel.
I am thankful...For a negative gestional diabetes test.  And homemade chocolate chip cookies still left in the kitchen.
In the kitchen... A simple dinner of rice, lentils and spinach.
I am wearing... A black, men's size Medium North Face sweatshirt to stay warm and cover my belly and hot pink Victoria's Secret sweat/yoga pants.
I am creating... A craft shopping list for baby nursery preparations.
I am going...  Nowhere tonight, but off to work tomorrow.  TGIF!
I am wondering... How quickly it will turn to full-fledged FALL here in Washington.
I am reading... The Quilt by T. Davis Bunn and Better Baby Food.
I am hoping... I develop an appetite this evening.  I am ravenous until about 4 pm and then don't seem to want anything, but tea after that.
I am looking forward to... Getting my jeans hemmed this weekend.  I know, I lead such an exciting life.
I am learning... That my body really knows what is best for it and if I just trust my instincts when it comes to my health, I'll be just fine.
Around the house... Ree Drummond is telling me how to make "Prairie Sushi" (aka tortilla roll-ups).
I am pondering... Throwing out a perfectly good box of popsicles because they take up too much space in the freezer and I never actually want to eat them.
A favorite quote for the day... "That's one of the finest women God ever set on this earth.  Then somebody else would nod like they were thinking it for the first time and say, yes sir, a real beautiful woman.  And no one would dispute it.  Of course, they weren't talking about any beauty that you could see.  Sometimes somebody would talk about how she'd been a real beauty when she was younger, but it was all hearsay.  There was nobody alive anymore who had known Mary as a young girl, except some people  as old and doddery as Mary, and they had more sense in their heads than to talk about something that didn't mean two shakes to anybody anymore."
One of my favorite things... Frozen, semi-sweet chocolate chips.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Dismantling my old desk and tape the legs to it.  "Preserving" and packing away my wedding dress.  Clearing all the baby gifts out of the nursery to make room to assemble the nursery furniture in there.  That's going to be quite the undertaking.
A peek into my day...

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