Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Day for Meatloaf

Some days call for comforting meals.  Meals that nourish and are familiar, thereby allowing your hands to go through the motions and your thoughts to meander down sunlit paths and through nimble verses of favored songs.

My recipe for meatloaf is one I made up after numerous attempts at other, less than exciting, recipes on the Internet I stumbled across.  This one pleases both Numbers Man and myself, chocked with veggies and cheese.  Here, here!

Generous spicing is a must!

The finely chopped (Cuisinart helps) veggies, post saute are best drained over paper towels to remove any excess water and oils.

When mixed and pushed into your lined loaf pan (so much easier to clean up afterwards), it's bespecked and quite retro looking, I think.

The finished  product.  This is Numbers Man's plate (minus the mashed potatoes I was reheating when I snapped the photo).  The carrot pieces are perfectly done and it all sticks together quite well.  Since there are but two of us eating this loaf, leftovers usually find their way into open faced sandwiches the following night.  Double duty!

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