Friday, January 13, 2012

Even when the Sun Sets

When I came home from work tonight, I drove into our neighborhood and knew I would be rushing in to grab my camera and running straight back outside to photograph the sunset over the lake.  On my way back down the street, Ralphie and I sprinted past three people who had the same idea.  One man even stopped his car right in the middle of a street of cars during rush hour to get a picture.  Everyone was so taken with all the colors (the gold moments were the most impressive), not a single horn sounded.

Quote of the day, "You're a purchaser of the Asian market."
(Numbers Man in response to a statement made on a t.v. show about collecting fish roe and selling it "on the Asian market").
It's true.  So true.


  1. I would say "thank you", but I'm afraid the beauty has nothing to do with my picture taking abilities. God's handiwork is full of infinite pleasures.

  2. What a beautiful sight! It's as if God is saying good night....