Friday, October 22, 2010

Orange You Glad it's Friday?

I had a jam-packed week and am thoroughly thankful that it's Friday evening and I have nothing to do this weekend but rest and spend time with Numbers Man, Darling Dog, and Crazy Cat.  Attempts are being made to construct a partition in my mind whose effect is meant circumlocate my desires into a little brain bin so they do not manifest into unwise purchases.  I made reference in another blog post about my love of lists, however these lists often lead to actually "doing" things because of the visual reminder that a list inevitably becomes, which is good if your list is a list of deeds.  However, my lists are usually a lists of wants, desires, and pretty baubles I could (and should learn to) live without.

I see challenge and hurdles and the possibility for the strain of guilt to yoke my heart.  I hope my darlingest friend who is partnering with me on trying for more meaningful money management does not run and hide if I whine to her about the uber cuteness of a ridiculous pair of shoes or the neccessity of a foreign fashion magazine.  Do you hear me darlingest friend?  Don't run.  Don't hide.  I need help.  You can be the po-po to my financial despot.  Lucky girl!

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