Friday, December 4, 2009

Awards like Flowers


Just received this award from Kat whose blog Beautiful Elegant Designs is a constant inspiration to me. Thank you so much Kat!

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Copy the Award.
3. Post it in your blog.
4. Tell Us 7 things that your readers don't know.
5. Link 7 new blogger as recipients.
6. Notify winners of award with comment on their blog.
7. Keep being Awesome.


1. Though I love dressing up my favorite item of clothing is probably a hooded sweatshirt.
2. I used to sneak sips of my dad's beer as a toddler when he wasn't looking.
3. My favorite movies are usually ones that involve families with all of their idiosyncracies.
4. When I was 10 I decided my favorite color was white because a visiting teacher who put on a light show told us that white light was made up of all of the colors of the rainbow and I didn't want to favor one color over another. Gah, seriously.
5. Along those same lines, I often saught out ugly toys and stuffed animals at toy stores because I felt sorry for them.
6. In highschool when I fantasized about my dream car it was always a 1941 Ford...I am still smitten with the look of them.
7. I'm fascinated by God's love of the Jewish people, His chosen.


I nominate:

True Femininity because she is a wonderful example of a woman growing stronger in her faith day by day...and I love looking at her fabulous, ladylike outfits!

Maggie at Behind the Teen Scene because she is super positive and uplifting and her blog is a ton of fun.

Monica of The Homespun Heart, whose photography has a way of beautifying the simplest of life's little moments.

The Sweet Nest - You must check out her blog...isn't her life just gorgeous! Her blog will touch your heart.

Farrah - Her blog An Old Fashioned Homekeeper beats true to my heart. In a way she reminds me of myself if that makes sense.

Standing in the Sunlight, Caroline's blog is a great one...and she's a fabulous seamstress with an eye for prints, fabrics, and aesthetics in general.

Last but certainly not least, Anna's blog Domestic Felicity is a great read and is as thought provoking as picking up a very well written magazine. It is sure to get you thinking about your faith and what it means to be a woman of God.


  1. Thank you, Caroline, for this award as well as your sweet words! I'm glad you enjoyed my post!

  2. Hi Caroline - Congratulations on your award! And, how sweet of you to share it with me - thank you for visiting! Have a great day -


  3. Thank you so much for awarding me! :) I loved reading the tag. When I was younger and someone asked me my favorite color I would say ", Purple, no wait, orange...well I like ALL of them!" :)

    Many blessings,

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog! I'm terrible at passing on blog awards as I never know which blogs to choose from the pass the award to, but I appreciate the token all the same!

  5. Hey, I just want to say that I love how many people are now having photography blogs! It is so great that more and more people are understanding and being introduced to the amazing art that is created through photographs. Keep following God through your passion! : )


  6. Thank you so much for the kind honor. Your sweet words are so very generous.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Thank you Caroline! I appreciate the nomination! So sweet! I agree that I think we are quite a bit alike.