Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Takes, One Great Book

It is the sop against the teary face of our tragedies.
It is the tourniquet against teh wound that kills.
It is a clear violin that roars above the cannonade.
It is a touch that tells us we are not alone.
It is teh compass whose needle is set toward the throne.
It is the pole star whose wisdom is fixed adn immovable in every crisis.
It is the holy Word, free of error, free of fraud,
Breathed by teh holy breathing of our ever holy God
To make of us such creatures as angels might applaud.
How blessed odd that our Holy God, could give such need sod
His healing, saving light- The Word, the Life, the Book of God.
~Loving God Up Close by Calvin Miller


  1. A wonderful quote!! What kind of flower is that?

  2. Yes, it's a great book!
    Unfortunately I do not know enough about flora to identify this, or many other flowers for that matter. :) Perhaps I should get a book on botany to reference for my posts.
    xoxo Caroline