Saturday, April 18, 2009

Led through the Flowers

"He took my hand then and led me through the flowers, over onto another path which stopped at the very edge of the mountain, on top of the highest cliff. From where we stood we could see for miles. I thought I could see Sugar Fork, but I couldn't be sure, there was lots and lots of hollers, and I saw them all, valley after valley, ridge on ridge, Bethel Mountain beyond - but now for the first time I could see over top of Bethel Mountain to another mountain, blue, purple then mountain after mountain rolling like the sea. It was so beautiful. A single twisted pine grew bravely up out of the rocks before us. Mile after mile of empty air stretched out behind it, the sky so blue, the sun so bright. And the wind, which kept on blowing all the time - now I recalled the famous endless wind on the top of Blue Star Mountain."
~ Fair & Tender Ladies by Lee Smith

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