Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fly Me to the Moon

Isaiah 60
The Gentiles Bless Zion
1 Arise, shine;
For your light has come!
And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you...
8 “ Who are these who fly like a cloud,
And like doves to their roosts?
9 Surely the coastlands shall wait for Me;
And the ships of Tarshish will come first,
To bring your sons from afar,
Their silver and their gold with them,
To the name of the LORD your God,
And to the Holy One of Israel,
Because He has glorified you.
I get such joy from looking up at a plane in flight, particularly when it's flying over my lake and its path is lined by snow capped mountains. I am reminded of the freedom and abundance both natural and man-made in this great nation. We can wine about our economy morning to night, but look around you and you will see, God has blessed us with so much.

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