Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Victorian Rose Tea Room

Today, the ladies in my department that live in the area went out for our quarterly luncheon. We trekked out to Debbie Macomber's Victorian Rose tea room in Port Orchard. And boy, was the drive worth it! The weather was absolutely perfect (76 degrees, sunny, slight breeze) and the fellowship even better!

I had a curry chicken salad sandwich, split pea soup, coconut cream pie, and coconut vanilla tea. Everything was delectable, but the sandwich stole my heart. That being said, I am now on a quest to replicate it on my own terms.

There is also a dauntingly well-stocked gift shop that took my pocketbook by surprise, but profited my "to buy" list that I keep up in my iPhone notes, but striking a couple items out. More on those items later. :)

If you get the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend a stop at this cozy and romantic pink place of pleasantness.

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  1. That's SO neat! I adore Debbie Maconber's writing when I'm in the mood for something wholesome yet light.