Saturday, February 18, 2012

Clefted and Covered

There is nothing we can say or do, no gesture on our part that can save us from ourselves.  The only credit in our favor is that we have been chosen: covered by the eternal and perfect love of our Savior.  The blanket of His love lays smooth against our jagged edges - our crevices and vacant ravines filled and evenly matched against our parts and pieces which He christened useful for our time here.  Accepting that our failings and flailings are a part of His plan for us to reach out and pull His love around us - to shroud us, comfort and protect us, is often more difficult than using our peaks and relying on what we think is our own strength instead of trusting in the completeness of the story written for our life, before our life, clefted inasmuch as we are.


  1. Yes, beautiful thoughts! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. beautiful. . .
    "Rock of ages, Cleft for me!"