Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Haircut - Before and After

I feel like a different woman....honestly it's kind of strange.  Someone told me I look younger, but I feel a bit like a soccer mom.  The point was two-fold:
1. Go lighter.
2. Have less to blow dry in the morning as I am uber low maintenace.

My head feels like it weighs less.  Does that mean I can now fill it up with more stuff???  Huh, does it?


  1. Caroline,

    So, this is what my blog pal from "She Walks in the Woods" looks like behind the computer screen! :)

    Actually, I think you look good with both styles of hair, short or long. You look young because you are young. It's all in the face, you see. No wrinkles or "bumpies." :)

    -Lady Rose