Monday, December 6, 2010

Mothers...Obligated to Work?

This article makes me want to have an outburst.  Yes, an outburst.  And not a controlled one.  Very out of control indeed.  I don't know about any of you readers out there, but as a child, the only impression I had of my mother working was that she wasn't with me.  I used to worry that if we had an earthquake and the California's crust split (thanks to a vivid imagination), she would be on one side of a crevasse and I on the other.  Forever separated.  I didn't even think if she was setting a good or bad example for me.  I just wanted her there when I was out of school at the end of the day, because I was a selfish child (as most children are).  As an adult, I realize  my mom chose to work outside the home for her own sanity and sense of productivity and I do not personally feel the same draw to that kind of work for those reasons, but I certainly have also never thought that working outside the home was an obligation for anyone other than those who need to do so in order to provide for their family. 

As an aside, there was a time I found perusing mail order bride sites pretty darned fascinating (don't judge), and I remember thinking that if I were a man up for such an experience (again, the vivid imagination runs wild), I would select my mate from an Indian site because all the women were ridiculously educated but looking for a satisfying home life as a stay at home mom and doting wife.  Rawking combination, in my ever so humble opinion.

I know I shouldn't have even wasted my energy getting riled up over this...

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  1. I stay at home with our twins. I like staying at home with them, although I feel guilty sometimes, because my hubby is doing all the "work". He wants me to be at home with them too though, so that is comforting. I also wonder if they are getting enough time with other kids, if they are doing everything they should be... but I will probably not have to worry about that as they get older. All in all, I think that staying with them is the right decision for our family, and I don't appreciate people that act like I should be "working". Questioning myself over every decision is something I can't help but do, but it isn't anyone else's business. I agree that it is frustrating when people push their opinions as though it should be the rule. I would not mind a bit if Savannah decided to be a "stay at home Mom" - in fact, I hope she does. But I am not going to try and make her decisions for her either!