Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dreams are funny things...

The color orange reminds me of an old coworker of mine from college who I called my black momma (seeing as I already have a white one :) She was my surrogate mom, keeping her eye on me while I was away from home. She was such a strong Christian influence for me and taught me a lot about looking at things through scripture, using verses as a measuring stick for decision making. I dreamed about her last night...
She was teaching a women's Bible study on Biblical femininity at a Lutheran church (she's a Baptist) and I ran into her...she gave me a grip of Nancy Leigh DeMoss's little pamphlets on the subject and I helped her put some chairs and tables in place for the fellowship. I remember so vividly, holding her hands in mine and swinging our arms back and forth.
Donna, I pray the Lord is keeping you safe in his loving arms today and always. You are in my heart, prayers and I guess...DREAMS too. Ha! May you and Steve be living out the life you wanted for the rest of your days; happy, healthy, and full joy!
x's and o's

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